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We Help Local Businesses Leverage Advanced SEO and Pay Per Call Lead Generation Services To Consistently Generate Leads & Sales.

CA Digital Marketing is a California SEO & Digital Marketing agency that strives for 100% client retention without any long term binding contracts. Call (415) 422-9928

After a decade of full-time SEO experience and two previous successful agencies to learn from, Richard Conover, the founder and owner of CA Digital, has pulled together an incredible amount of valuable digital marketing / lead generating services and bundled them all together for a select client base.

We currently are only accepting clients within 17 niches or market verticals. Most are home contractor services, plus 3 professional local services. “100% client retention intention” is the core driving principle behind every decision CA Digital makes. We aim to so over deliver within the fees charged that firing us is bloody hard!  

"100% Client Retention Intention"

CA Digital's Services & Paid Traffic Campaign Management. CA Digital helps local service providers and local professionals get more online leads.

CA Digital's Services


Search Engine Optimization. This is the core service that any local business needs to dominate to get the lion's share of all possible targeted local search traffic.

Pay Per Call Lead Generation

All SEO clients are automatically enrolled in our exclusive Pay Per Call lead generation program. The same assets that help rank your site will also be getting real local traffic..

Reputation Marketing!

Managing your hard-earned 5 star online reputation is step 1. Actively marketing your positive 5 stars reviews to win more business is when reputation gets interesting.

PPC - Google Adwords

Paid traffic from Google is highly effective & reliable. CA Digital Adwords specialists can help you get the most from your ad spend!

Facebook Ad Management

Get more from FB ads! Let us manage your Facebook Ad spend efficiently. Let CA Digital help you get the most from this traffic channel.

DIY Social Media

We are not social media pros but we understand clients would like access to SaaS that will help them easily manage and schedule their social..

CA Digital's Strategic Objective:

CA Digital is a process driven digital marketing & SEO – Search Engine Optimization – agency that is driven to help local small businesses dominate their local California market vertical via the most valuable traffic channels for targeted, consumer driven online traffic.  If you are seeking help further up the coast on Vancouver Island, please visit for help with your local Victoria SEO rankings.  CA Digital Marketing is now in Calgary, Victoria and San Francisco.   

We only take on clients that we are 100% certain we can add significant value for and make our monthly fees an easy decision to keep paying.  We only take clients from a limited number of niches and only offer a limited number of services that are beneficial for all our clients, in all niches and all cities.   Currently we only accept clients within 17 niches or keyword market verticals.  Most fall under the “Home Improvement” broad industry category and we only take on clients from three professional services: Dental Clinics, Legal – General Practice Law firms, and Mortgage Brokers.  

SEO + SEM: Short Term Profits + Long Term Growth!

I’ve been a professional SEO for over a decade now and all of it was local SEO, ranking local service providers to the top of their market verticals most competitive keyword phrases. In all my years of ranking clients’ sites to the top of Google, I’ve tried a few times to help them manage their Google Adwords campaigns and it never went as well as the organic rankings or search engine optimization. 
In a perfect world I could crush it as both a SEO pro and a PPC expert.  But both of these digital disciplines are too complex to be a master of both.  The digital marketing generalist “jack of all trades, master of none” ultimately provides very little value for their clients.   

Being good at SEO will get you to page 1 of Google.  Being great at SEO will get you to the top 3 of Google.  Top 3 is where the lion’s share of the traffic “clicks through”.  Having ranked my own agency sites to the very top of Google and my mortgage clients, I know first hand how much more traffic and deals come from being ranked in the top 3 vs just being on page 1.  The 80/20 rule absolutely applies to digital marketing efforts.   The hard to achieve smaller margin of top level success is where 80% of the traffic and business comes from.   

Google Adwords should be relatively easy.  You have Google Ad Specialists there to help you with your campaign set up.. You get suggestions from Google on how to improve your ads etc.   The 20% you’re seeking within the paid traffic process is nearly impossible for the Do It Yourself mortgage broker who wants to tap into the lucrative, targeted, high buyer intent search engine traffic that Google has so expertly delivered up via Google Ad Words.   

You have the end user or local professional who is trying to use this ad platform to get more leads without paying the management fees + ad budget.  
You have the average digital marketing company that professionally manages Adwords for clients for a monthly management fee.
You have PPC Ad Management companies that specialize only in managing paid ad traffic.  No design services or SEO.

In my effort to solve the paid traffic conundrum I found a white label agency that only services digital marketing companies and for a relatively low fee, handles the PPC, but avoid the time consuming client care end of things.  One agency should equal 10+ individual Adwords clients with only one contact or client, the agency owner.

This PPC management company is a Google Channel Partner.   There are Google Certified Partner badges or designations that you can literally pay for, for less than $100.   A Google Certified Partner has passed a basic proficiency test and gained a basic level of skill.  

Top organic rankings are the long term growth as the cost per lead for organic traffic is a relatively fixed fee that will lead to lower traffic costs than any other traffic source.   80% of the search traffic clicks through the organic listings vs the ads.  

Search Traffic and Search Ads VS Facebook Ads
Buyer intent is highest for Google Search traffic.  Facebook Ads are a form of interruption marketing that works by various unwanted means.   No one wants ads in their FB feeds.   But when we “Google” something, we are looking for that service and the top ranked sites or ads that get clicked via that search are very likely to result in a sale, directly or indirectly.   

O2O: Online Search To Offline Purchase.   We search via Google for a product or service we need, and then we tend to contact a local service provider or local shop, and buy locally.   We do not offer e-commerce SEO services and focus solely on Local SEO and Local SEM or Search Engine Marketing.   

SEO + SEM = Real Value that starts connecting with new leads month one, and tends to the longer game investment in ranking in the top 3 organically.   My area exclusive offer for mortgage brokers is to give you access to the best SEM or Search Engine Marketing services at my cost, and let that “Short Term Profits” part of the equation effectively fund the more expensive, longer term SEO services which over time will become the source of the best leads for a lower CPA or Cost Per Acquisition.  

If you really want to crush a market vertical, or Niche, you must be pushing the Google Ad spend as hard as possible, (Daily Budget Isn’t Being Used Up) while also ranking in the top 3 organically.   If 100% of the estimated Google search traffic for Vancouver Mortgage Broker clicks through either the ads or the organic listing / map listings, not ranking organically will cost you access to 70% to 80% of that search traffic.  The higher you rank, the greater your share of that traffic becomes.   Generally, clients who start to get traffic and leads from organic traffic will cancel their Adwords campaigns since they were never that cost effective.  
At the end of the day most local businesses can only handle so much inbound inquiries and if the organic rankings are sufficient to keep you busy enough, then you can stop the profitable Google Adwords.   This is what is referred to as “solving future problems”..  As in solving the future problem of having too many inbound leads.. a problem you currently do not have!  🙂

So my proposition for you is that you invest in the best PPC ad management services money can buy, at industry cost, and then either pay double or keep the at cost pricing and pay for SEO services.  

CA Digital Clients include which is a very reputable and long standing Airdrie Plumbing and furnace repair company.  Another valued client from the Airdrie AB area is which is a trusted Airdrie roofing company.